NUNO Japanese Textiles

Slow Craft Is Coming

During pandemic many people have had a chance to take the time to think and reflect what is important in life. Values are shifting from fast consumption towards a slower and more throughful approach. Craft making has been gaining popularity as a hobby during lockdown teaching people that it takes time to make something beautiful and unique.

The leading trend forecasters Lidewij Edelkoort & Philip Fimmano talk about new “cotage industries where the designer is at once the farmer, artisan, custodian of our earth, enamoured with all the phases and facets of the process. A labour of love”.

According to Edelkoort slower and local processes of production can be more responsible following circular thinking, ethical practise and appreciating organic aesthetics.

Japanise craft making combine old with new

Perfect example of Slow Craft is MAKING NUNO Japanese Textile Innovation exhibition (in Japan house, London). It showcases the work of Japanese textile designer Sudō Reiko, who is renowned for pushing boundaries of textile production and championing new methods of sustainable manufacturing. It is a great example how Slow Craft movement focusing on the responsible production, circular thinking, ethical practise and organic aesthetics.

The exhibition design inside Japan house is a fantastic example of using technology to bring to life and visualise the ancient working processes of making craft.



If you can visit the exhibition in London, I highly recommend to also see the Behind the Scenes of NUNO Textiles – beautiful short films showcasing the family-run factories and craftspeople all around Japan.



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