Clerkenwell Design week 2019

Trends from Clerkenwell Design week London

Sustainability was unsurprisingly a dominant theme at this year’s Clerkenwell Design week. Moreover, it was linked to wider understanding of wellbeing and mental health at working spaces.

Image: BottleHouse® uses disregarded, empty plastic bottles and applies architectural design, engineering and construction to transform empty bottles into a building block. (small. | Six Miles Across London Ltd. with support from WSP Design Studio)

Office furniture is moving fast towards home furniture, and at most of times there is no more difference between the two. Smaller, light sofas and armchairs are equally well suited in the office. Kitchen table can be in any meeting room. The more cosier the interior is the better. Homelike spaces increase both physical wellbeing and mental health.

Almost all colour palettes are very warm. Even cold colours like blue get toned down to more muted and smoky blue shades.

All in all the design week was quite busy this year. Locality and great weather gave it a real buzz. Design collections were well edited keeping the quality and craftsmanship high in the agenda.


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