Clerkenwell Design week

Furniture, Colours & Material Trends from Clerkenwell Design Week

Key trends from a recent local London design event concentrated on craft and furniture design. Most trends were evolution from previous years, nothing radical or new. The Scandi look was most popular as the event moves even more from residential to office design.

Clerkenwell design week is not necessarily know for the most trendiest products, rather it exhibits a well edited selection of fewer and nicer craft driven furniture and interior items.

All in all the colour palettes were vibrant, warm and bold. Millennial pink with greys and pastels were still well represented.

Wood was either very pale or dark and warm. Use of reclaimed wood still popular.

The office is turning from corporate into home like interior with casual and cosy textiles, creating a warm atmosphere. Size of furniture is getting smaller reflecting to decreasing use of space with rising costs.

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