House of Tomorrow Exhibition

RIBA 2016

Designing the House of Tomorrow by RIBA is an exhibition about how people live in Britain and how future housing will evolve.

The exhibition content is both retrospective and future speculative. The starting points are historical representations: cottage, terraced house and the flat. The exhibition examines their evolution in Britain.

Future speculative housing examples are then presented to all formats (cottage, terraced house and the flat).

The Cottage

Jamie Fobert Architects proposal highlights private gardens and examines how the cottage could become a rural alternative for first time buyers. The cottage was traditionally an affordable, self-built dwelling of the working class. Today they have become a romanticized luxury alternative.

Maison Edouard Francois proposal demonstrates the importance of individuality against developer driven mass housing. The scheme is respectful for environment and local topography.


vPPR has designed an imaginative approach for row of terraces with new communal rather than divisional spaces between the terraces.

Mae proposal is a linear collection of individual instead of identical custom-built homes.


Studio Weave has examined co-housing and communal living. They also investigated how homes are sold to people showing a speculative example from 2025.

Mecanoo has concentrated on communal spaces in London’s mansion blocks. Their model includes communal spaces within block of flats for students, families and the elderly.





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