Best of the Best in Textiles

CSM Textiles 2016
Pop-up lace from biogenerable fibre by Carole Collet.

Real Dirty Blue is a textile design exhibition at Central Saint Martins College in London. It brings together 26 designers who taught or studied on the BA Textile Design course between 1927 – 2016.

The exhibition presents the wide variety of different types of techniques used in textile design: knitting, weaving, printing, laser cutting etc. Today the variety of textile products for both interiors and fashion is increasing with new materials discoveries. (The show also includes sketchbooks and samples showing parts of the creative process and research).

The importance of textiles is often forgotten, but in the highly digitalised world it is actually anticipated to grow in the future. Textile industry is going through many major changes i.e. pressure towards more ecological and sustainable practises, but at the same time it is moving forward in new materials and technological innovations.

The exhibition is on until 01 Apr 2016 at the Central Saint Martins college, King’s Cross.

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