Site-specific Art – The Plot

Plot for ArtangelThe Plot by José Damasceno is the latest commission by Artangel. It is a site-specific art installation in a public library (Holborn). Artangel are said to be a commissioner, who give the most freedom to artists, which has resulted into some extraordinary work in last twelve years. 


Last year’s Dig by Daniel Silver was one of the highlights of the Autumn exhibitions and the Plot manages to reach a same level of artistry. It is all based on a narrative, which a visitor must follow through the building to discover unexpected encounters. 

ArtangelA visitor receives a map and must follow signs in a route to discovery.

By choosing a public library as a site adds another layer to the experience. Libraries are quiet spaces, which adds suspense and intensity to the experience.

Searching for the clues to find the route the visitor must look very carefully to the surroundings. One notices details of the building and space, and finds unexpected beauty in the modest building.


The highlight of the journey is on the top floor. A private theater/ cinema has been preserved beautifully and the space has a very dense atmosphere. It is easy to image how it has been used as a set for a horror film.


The Plot is a highly inspiring, exciting and rewarding experience. Afterwards you will not think of libraries in a same way than before.



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