Quirky British Design Hotel

Ham Yard HotelKit Kemp is one of the biggest names in hospitality interior design in London.  Her distinctively British style is easily recognisable. Ham Yard Hotel in London is her latest venture. 

Ham Yard Hotel

Ham Yard Hotel in Soho is part of boutique hotel brand Firmdale Hotels, owned by Kemp and her husband. The hotel has 91 bedrooms, and it is her largest endeavour so far.

Ham Yard Hotel The interiors are typical for Kemp; including traditional ‘reading room’ style libraries for guests on ground floor. Yet, all her hotel interiors have their own identity.

The atmosphere is warm, cosy and relaxed, still keeping true to traditional British decoration style.


Ham Yard HotelKemp always pays great attention to details, using a variety of decorative objects. She groups them together in a eclectic mix using both art, design objects and antiques together.

What is noticeable in her recent work is the increased use of textiles in variety of ways from upholstery to fabric wallpaper.





Ham Yard Hotel

Bars and restaurants inside the hotels have always been a great attraction for Londoners – not only for the guests. Let see how successful this hotel will be. At least the location in Soho could not be more perfect for hospitality.


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