Material Trends from May Design Series

Materia Concrete

An unexpected combination of concrete and crochet at May Design Series exhibition in London. This is the second time for the international furniture and interior fair to take place. 

Materia Concrete rubber

Another unlikely material mix was concrete and rubber. The Dutch material specialist company Materia was responsible yet again presenting an excellent collection of new, emerging materials. Composite materials is a fast growing trend and the direction seems to be marrying more and more contrasting materials. Another direction is creating sustainable composites from organic materials like coconut and water hyacinth.

Materia leather

In terms of color trends, warm and strong colours are popular. Colour depth is increased by pigments using gold, platinum and pearl.

Bourouellec Magis

In terms of furniture, the exhibition is pretty mainstream. The whole event is seriously lacking any kind of profile; at the moment it is just too generic to be appealing to attract visitors. This year’s noticeable addition compared to last year were global visitors and exhibitors adding exotic and sometimes extravagant styles, which seemed out of place here in Europe.

Luckily, I managed to find this delightful new table from Magis by the Bouroullec brothers. It looked quite stunning with wrought iron hammered legs in contrast to sleek black table top. Simple, unique and surprisingly luxurious overall effect.

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