Ecobuild 10 Years Anniversary

Ecobuild 2014

This year is the 10th anniversary for the world’s biggest sustainability event Ecobuild. Looking back the transformation of the event is remarkable. 10 years ago the attendants were idealistic, modern hippie types, but today it is one word that describes the whole event – big business. 

The good (or bad) thing about sustainability is that almost anything in the construction business can be made more sustainable. The umbrella of products and services under sustainability is getting bigger and bigger, as sustainability is the key critical factor in buying decisions. Therefore it is also driving the sales. Going through the 1300+ stalls at the exhibition makes you wonder how sustainable all the products on display really are.

Ecobuild 2014

One noticeable trend was the emergence of earth materialsStraw bale building using straw and materials like hemp are getting more and more popular. Low tech, basic and simple techniques are supporting frugal economy and DIY movement.

Ecobuild 2014

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