Surface Material Trends

Surface show 2014
Composite made of fallen leaves

One of the biggest emerging trends at this year’s Surface Design show was using living and organic materials. Sustainability is key. Scin gallery presents always the most future forward and new materials. Their exhibit had several interesting new organic surfaces including spices e.g. lavender and recycled money.

Surface show 2014

Composite materials are a growing trend. Most interesting examples are combinations with organic and man-made. This example is a wool with resin, other biocomposites include hemp with resin.

Unusual new combinations include also carbon fibre with concrete. Plastic composites are getting more eco-friendly like polymer plastics that can be melt and re-used.

Kebony is a new wood material that can replace exotic hardwood. It is based on a process where sustainable wood is made more durable, harder and more stable using liquids from biowaste material.

Surface show 2014

Facade materials are also getting more interesting. More 3D applications with a sophisticated finishes where on show.


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