Hotel Design for Gen Y

Sleep event conferenceWhat kind of hotels do the Generation Y want? That was the big question at the Sleep event conference last week. The key word designing hotels today is lifestyle, that puts the consumer as the starting point (instead of the building) according to industry expert Rob Wageman, Founder & Creative Director of leading design agency Concrete. They are best known for the trendy interiors of both CitizenM and W hotel London.

Long-stay  is the new concept that has entered hospitality sector. Different brands are tapping into it in different ways. Gen Y has a nomadic approach and they spend money in a totally different way than the previous generations. This includes no ownership and travelling frequently but using budget options. Most importantly they totally mix work and life, business and pleasure.

Important criteria for the hotel stay is that it should be a social place for sharing and a hub for local social life. Although technology is important, it should also be simple to use. Gen Y like also to disconnect from technology preferring face-to-face contacts. This is why hotel designs should encourage conversational encounters between the guests.

Important aspect for the long-stays is allowing the guests customise their space by bringing along more personal items. Read more about Zoku, the new concept of an extended stay hotel.

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