Caveman (beard) Trend

Barber shopMore and more young men seem to be wearing beards in London. And it’s a proper caveman look style, and not a trimmed down version. Why now?

Barber shop2Fashion trends shift often from one extreme to another. A while ago the sophisticated and flamboyant Dandy look was trendy, so now the opposite direction grows stronger. The real man, rugged look is nothing new, but even that is moving to extreme end. It is all about “survival” of the fittest in the hard economic climate. Cavemen food  e.g. the Paleo diet is getting more and more popular. Interiors use bared down natural materials, which are also appropriate from sustainability point of view.

The primal, farmer look with back to basics (all the way to the stone age) styling is extremely trendy right now. But don’t be fooled with the seemingly outgrown, wild beard. It is also about growing popularity in men grooming that is driving this trend.

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  1. I definitely agree. And if it’s not young men wearing beards it’s women wearing mustaches everywhere (except on their face lol). I think a man in suit with a beard will always look ready to work whether office or construction site 😉

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