Future Lifestyle Scenarios

United Micro KingdomsUnited Micro Kingdoms is the fascinating exhibition at the Design Museum by designers and educators Dunne & Raby. ” The exhibition sees England devolved into four self-contained counties, each free to experiment with governance, economy and lifestyle. These ‘live laboratories’ interrogate the cultural and ethical impact of existing and new technologies and how they alter the way we live.”

The four different types of the futuristic lifestyles are the Digitarians, the Anarcho-evolutionists, the Bioliberals and the Communo-nuclearist. Each lifestyle is presented in 3D models to help visualisation of the future life in a described mode. Descriptions can be found on a dedicated website UMK.

This is a rare attempt trying to materialise something that is very far into the future to help understand what this utopian life could look like. The multidisciplinary approach is very important in building these type of scenarios so far in the future. What makes it successful is the critical approach and the fact there is not a clear distinction between positive vs. negative outcomes. Instead all scenarios have both positive and negative elements included.

the Digitarians
the Anarcho-evolutionists
the Bioliberals
the Communo-nuclearist

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