Modular Furniture

Clerkenwell Design Week Modularity came across strongly at this year’s Clerkenwell design week in London. The idea of modularity was used in a variety of ways. There were many examples of temporal and movable structures that can create functional areas in otherwise open plan space. Playfulness was also a dominant theme like in this example from Duffy London’s Swing Table, which will transport you back to your childhood.

Clerkenwell 2013

Characteristic for these creative design solutions is their friendly form language and playfulness together with use of bright colors as accent to informalise the environment. Swedish company Abstracta, which won the Wallpaper Design Award 2013 has developed ‘Plaid’ room dividers from laminated felt and fabric. The panels can be suspended from the ceiling or standing on the floor, all depending on the needs of the space.

Another zoning solutions were movable elements like side tables together with high back seating to create cosy corners and sound absorbing semi-privacy.

Clerkenwell Design 2013

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