Africa at Milan 2013

AfrofutureEmerging African design was featured first time at the recent Milan fair. The event called Afrofuture at the department store La Rinascente was curated by London-based writer and critic Beatrice Galilee, who last year organised an exhibition about hacking in the same location.


The futuristic theme was pursued in a series of workshops featuring innovations in African desing. The focus was in experimental collaborations with technologists, writers, musicians, photographers, illustrators, architects, coders, developers and cultural commentators.


The department store provided a dynamic platform to kick off the conversation about African design and to think big about how the rapidly emerging future will see mould-­breaking designers coming up from the radical underground to the global mainstream.

Afrofuture won Milano Design Awards 2013 for the best Cross Transversal project with the highest capability of fusing different languages, techniques and media.


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