One Room Hotel

One Room Hotel London
A Room for London by Living Architecture

“A new perspective on the River Thames. There can be few places to stay a night in London quite as unusual, poetic and life-enhancing as Living Architecture’s newest building: a ‘boat’ perched, as if by retreating flood waters, on the very edge of the Queen Elizabeth hall. The one-bedroom installation, designed by David Kohn Architects in collaboration with Fiona Banner, will stay on top of the roof throughout 2012 and is intended to offer guests a place of refuge and reflection amidst the flow of traffic at this iconic location in the capital. On arrival ‘aboard’, guests are invited to fill in a logbook detailing what they have experienced during their stay, out of the window as much as within themselves. In future years, we hope that the boat will resume its journey and find itself perched in other vital parts of the capital”.

There can hardly be a more intimate setting than a hotel with only one room. What makes it even more unusual is the artists program. During the year it is transmitting a programme of writing, performance and music. Artists are invited to create work and a different musician will give a live performance from the place each month.

Space can influence greatly into the creative process. Many famous authors book themselves to hotels to finish a novel. The intensity and seclusion can greatly increase the creative flow.

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