Tangling Architecture

Akihisa Hirata exhibition at architecture foundation
First ever international solo show emerging Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata

Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata exhibit is an immersive installation – a contorted loop – to distill his architecture’s essence into a large-scale experiential structure. Over a hundred study models and conceptual sketches on and within the structure illustrating Hirata’s view of architecture and ecology, form and function, as a complex, interwoven ‘tangle’.

“At a point in which architecture and society more broadly is seriously questioning its future, purpose and relationship to the natural world, the exhibition will offer an in-depth exploration of Hirata’s ideas, demonstrating his innovative formal approach and distinctive interpretation of the relationship between architecture and environment”.

Biomimicry, imitating nature is nothing new in architecture, but Hirata “sees architecture and ecology as a complex, interwoven tangle – in terms of form, function and the relationship between the artificial and the natural. His designs rigorously explore future possibilities for architecture and structure”.

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