Gainsborough Studios London

gainsborough-studios1Gainsborough Pictures was a British film studio based on the south bank of the Regent’s Canal, in Poole Street, Hoxton in the former Metropolitan Borough of Shoreditch, London. Gainsborough Studios were active between 1924 and 1951. Built as a power station for the Great Northern & City Railway it was later converted to studios. The former studios were demolished in 2002 and flats built on the site in 2004. A London Borough of Hackney historical plaque is attached to the building. The studio is best remembered for the Gainsborough melodramas it produced in the 1940s”.

gainsborough-studios2“Today Gainsborough is a mixed-use project, which includes 280 new-build apartments, B-1 space on ground level, a restaurant and the refurbishment of the old movie studio space. 25% of the residential area is affordable housing for the Southern Housing Corporation. The main tower element is 14 stories. The public can pass through the project thus joining the public park with the canal side.”

It is interesting to see how the architects have used the history of the place as an inspiration linking it back to media world of today. This area by Regents Canal has a very strong character and industrial roots. At the moment it is under pressure to become a “Silicon Canal” with modern developments for new high tech companies. Future will show how much heritage will stay in the area.

Alfred Hitchcock, Michael Balcon, Ivor Novello, Gracie Fields, “The Lady Vanishes”, “The Wicked Lady” worked and were filmed here.

Hitchcock statue
Hitchcock statue at the Gainsborough studios

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