Jeanne Gang talk

Jeanne Gang architectThe American architect Jeanne Gang  discussed how her Studio explores the full technology and material spectrums and creates projects that treat cities as interconnected, ecological systems such as Chicago’s skyscraper, the Aqua Tower, and Columbia College Chicago’s Media Production Center, a cutting-edge film production and teaching facility

Aqua Tower Chicago
The Aqua Tower in Chicago

Building aesthetics of the Aqua Tower. The slates strata is a creation of ‘city as a landscape’. The waves are connected to coordinates of important sites in the city like the public art and buildings. Between the waves are ‘the pools’, where more reflective glass was used in the windows to emphasise create more depth. It is a very social building, as you can see neighbours from your balcony. The terraces are not windy, as the strata confuses the wind to change direction, where as smooth buildings accelerate the wind speed.

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