Hotel Design Trends from May Design Series

May Design Series

Hosted by Guy Dittrich the panel discussion at May Design Series event elaborated some of the most important trends in hospitality business. Both big chains Hilton and IHG in addition to hospitality interior specialists gave their views about future directions in interior design for hotels. Continue reading

Mumbai Elastic City

Mumbai Elastic city talk I had the pleasure to attend an inspirational talk by Rahul Mehrotra at the AA School of Architecture in London. He talked about the idea of the Elastic City.

” The approach of Working in Mumbai uses the city and region of its operation as a generator of practice – as a way to evolve an approach and architectural vocabulary that draws its nourishment from a more elastic definition of the profession which sees multiple disciplines as being simultaneously valid in engaging with this kinetic landscape”. Continue reading

Identity and Living Tradition

Sustaining Identity Symposium V&A LondonSustaning Identity symposium brings together acclaimed international architects whose work resists homogenisation by prioritising place, the senses and memory. Speakers include 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate, Wang Shu; 2012 Global Holcim Award winner, Francis Kéré and renowned architectural theorist Juhani Pallasmaa, who has curated the event with Paul Brislin of Arup Associates. The event is supported by Architectural Review”.

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China’s Design Revolution

China Design talk China is on the verge of a design revolution. Lorraine Justice, author of China’s Design Revolution (MIT Press), explores the differences in creative expression between the East and the West, and highlights current designs emerging from China with examples of award-winning digital, fashion, graphic, interior and product design.

The talk at the Design Museum concentrated on  differences in creative expression between the East and the West and a look at the current designs emerging from China. Continue reading

Edge of Arabia

An art exhibition at the Truman Brewery in East London. “Edge of Arabia was founded by a small collective of artists who met in the mountains of Aseer, Saudi Arabia, in 2003. What began as a border-crossing collaboration, against the backdrop of the last gulf war, is now an established platform which has grown bold through the successful realisation of international projects & the grassroots support for its mission”.

Edge of Arabia

Detail from installation The Cowboy Code by Ahmed Matter

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