Boutique Hotel Interior Event

Sleep hotel by Kelly Hoppen

At the ‘Sleep Hotel’ installation five leading interior designers invoked the spirit of the 60’s within life size hotel rooms and bathrooms. Kelly Hoppen was the biggest name to take part.

The Sleep event is an annual Design exhibition aimed for the Boutique hotel sector. This year’s industry gathering had grown considerably compared to last year, which is sign that the hotel industry is doing well at the moment. The event has grown steadily attracting many big names this year to give their insights at the two day conference.  Continue reading

Isa Genzken Art Collages

Isa GenzkenIsa Genzken1
Isa Genzken, the German artist, is inspired by the stark severity of modernist architecture and the chaotic energy of the city, just as much as by art history, the aesthetics of the great American artists of the Sixties and pop culture, Isa Genzken’s work is continuously looking around itself, translating into three-dimensional form the way that art, architecture, design and media affects the experience of urban life. Genzken’s totemic columns, pedestal works and collages combine disparate aspects from her many sources in seemingly nonsensical, yet harmonious sculptural compilations”. Continue reading