Human Condition Collection

Human Condition

An Idiosyncratic A to Z of the Human Condition was the title for a recent exhibition at the Wellcome Collection. It presented a carefully curated mix of objects from Henry Wellcome’s extraordinary collection in the museum. The exhibition was a fantastic example of how to present a collection in an inspiring and novel way. Continue reading

Curated Events in Retail

Selfridges Festival of Imaginarium

Window design by artist Dominic Wilcox. ‘Variations on Normal’ displays imaginary products designed especially for the Festival of Imagination.

Selfridges Festival of Imaginarium is yet another curated event in a major retail store in London. Recently there has been several others starting with the Habitat Platform which was probably the first one, now also followed by Heal’s Modern Craft Market. They are good examples how brick’n mortar stores can compete against the increasing threat of the growing online business. Continue reading